Let It Go – For 2 Ukuleles!!! (From the Animated Motion Picture “FROZEN”)

Let’s see if I can post this before midnight!

It’s a duet for high g and low g ukuleles. I transcribed the entire tune from the soundtrack, including much of the orchestral parts. The melody is transcribed almost exactly as Idina Menzel sings it. The chords are easy but much of the arrangement is for advanced players.

I will post the audio as soon as I can play it myself and get it recorded.

If you listen to the tune on YouTube, you can follow along on the chart.

BTW – On the soundtrack it’s in the key of Db. I lowered it to the more accessible and practical ukulele key of C.

Let me know if you try to play any of it. The intro isn’t too difficult and sounds JUST like the original!

Download: Let It Go-Uke Duet

STAY TUNED – The next tune/arrangement I post will be for beginners.

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