Marie – Beautiful Randy Newman song for uke beginner and beyond…

“Marie,” by Randy Newman is stunningly beautiful and sad. Though I consider it to be easy enough for beginners, you do need to be able to play the chord shapes in the song. I suggest starting with those. Then play just the top note of the TAB as that will be the melody. Then see if you can combine the melody with the chord shapes. Try to master (more or less) just a couple bars at a time. And skip around the tune. You’ll get more bang for your buck by learning it out of order. The reason for this will become clearer in time.

Download: MARIE2-uke

And here is Randy singing it so you know how it goes. I will record it myself and post it when time allows.



2 thoughts on “Marie – Beautiful Randy Newman song for uke beginner and beyond…

  1. Thanks for this great blog, Gordon.. I LOVE “No school today” and am enjoying “Marie” ( at least something a bit “easier, although I appreciate your comments) .. So much fun to work on.. I really appreciate you sharing these tabs. mary ( Michael’s friend)

    • Thanks for the feedback Mary. I’m finding that it’s not until I record the song that I really understand its level of difficulty. If you have any requests for an arrangement of a particular tune, let me know. Hope to jam with you soon.

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