“Side by Side” for BEGINNERS!

Here is a version of “Side by Side” I created for beginners. The first section repeats three times within the song and the middle section is based on familiar chord shapes so it’s not as complex as it looks.

I look forward to your feedback.


Download: Side by Side-Beginner ver

2 thoughts on ““Side by Side” for BEGINNERS!

  1. This is great Gordon- easy enough to play and challenging enough to understand how it’s put together.. And learn to play it without tabs- my ultimate goal. Hopefully it is teaching me how to hear and learn more about just how things are put together and how they sound that is so not natural for me..if I could see music the way I see images in my head… Then maybe it would be easier. Would love for my fingers to have the knowledge too. Probably just second nature to you. I am happy you posted this one! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the feedback Mary. I can, and would be happy to, sit down with you and give you the information you need that will get you to where you want to be much sooner.
      As a teacher, that is precisely my objective; to teach students how to play without chord charts, tabs, etc. 90 minutes and you’ll have all the material you’ll need to
      play music the way in which you described. This is not a sales pitch. Perhaps you could help me hone the material for workshops I’d like to do. Think about it.
      Have a great weekend and thanks again.

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