Stompin’ at the Savoy

I thought it would be really fun to arrange duets of classic pieces from the Big Band era. This first one, Stompin’ at the Savoy, was written by Chick Webb’s alto saxophonist, Edgar Sampson and made famous by Webb and, even more so, by Benny Goodman and his band.

I’ve recorded the song as follows:

1) Stompin’ Uke TAB vers. Low G – This version features the low g string uke with the high g uke playing quietly in the background. This part plays the melody (“calls”) on the “A” sections and accompaniment on the “B” sections.

2) Stompin’ Uke TAB vers. High G – This version features the high g string uke with the low g uke playing quietly in the background. This part plays the “responses” on the “A” sections and the lead melody on the “B” sections.

3) Stompin’ Uke TAB vers. ALL – This version has both ukuleles at normal volume.  

All versions have Bass and drums functioning as the metronome.

If you have a third player or have enough players for a third group I recommend having the third part strum the chords to help keep the time and give it some drive.

Here is the TAB: 

Download: Stompin’ At the Savoy – Uke Duet

Here is a simple chord chart without all of the other confusing stuff. Try strumming these chords along with the recording! 
Download: Stompin’ At the Savoy-Basic chords

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