O, What a Beautiful Morning (from “Oklahoma”) – High G Ukulele Solo

Download: O What a Beautiful Mornin’ high g

Here is a recording of me playing it.

Since it’s exactly the same 3 times, I tried to vary the dynamics (loud/soft) each verse and I slightly varied the rhythm on the 3rd verse to keep it from sounding “cut and pasted.”

As with every chord solo, the trick is to keep the chord shape down while playing the melody notes.

This solo utilizes the uniqueness of the high g string.

“h” simply means “hammer on.”

“Molto rit.” means: SLOW WAY DOWN

“a tempo” means: Back to original tempo

It’s hard to be sad when playing this song. I’ve included the lyric to help you know where you are and in case you want to sing along with the uke.

Let me know what you think!

Yeeeee Haw!

4 thoughts on “O, What a Beautiful Morning (from “Oklahoma”) – High G Ukulele Solo

  1. Hi Gordon,

    Thank you for your beautiful arrangement from Oklahoma – always one of my favorites and you’ve captured the purity of spirit in the song. Lovely, with some great unexpected nuances! I’m practicing it daily and it brings joy every time! Thanks again…

  2. I have just found the tabs for this on another site – can’t remember where. It is really beautiful. As a fairly new player I find it quite challenging but it is definitely one of my favourites. Thanks Gordon.

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