About the Uke Material

I THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT TIME that I posted some of the material I’ve created over the past many years of teaching music in order to provide valuable information that is not readily available online. Because my most recent material is ukulele related, I am posting those first.

I must admit that I suffer (from time to time)  from the same misconceptions that every musician suffers from: IF I ONLY KNEW-ITUS. It’s this idea that if we only knew the one magic concept or secret to playing we would be in musical bliss forever as a player. So we keep buying books, taking lessons, hoping to unravel the mystery. Only it turns out there really is no magic bullet to playing an instrument like our idols. They, too, wish they could play like THEIR idols!

However, there are little tricks and concepts that are practiced by professionals but rarely conveyed clearly in books or online tutorials. They are not secrets but rather taken for granted by those who incorporate them into their playing. These concepts are not difficult and will dramatically improve the sound of your playing. None of these concepts replace the need for hours of practice but they will give you things to practice that will propel you forward in your playing so you’re not simply practicing the same old same old.

In this uke blog I will present ideas that have proven to be game-changers in my musical journey and in the journeys of my students.

I welcome your questions, comments, and observations. I have already seen this fascinating little instrument, the Ukulele, change the lives of people, some in their 80’s, who had thought it unlikely they would ever be more than a mere “appreciator” of music. They are now playing, singing, playing solo uke, and enjoying the rich rewards of playing a musical instrument.

Music has enriched my life in ways words can’t express. I hope to help you enrich yours.