How to Add Pizazz to Your Uke Chord Progressions

One of the most common complaints I hear from ukulele players is, “My playing sounds so boring!”

What chord charts show, especially free charts online, does not usually represent what professional musicians do on the recordings to which we all listen on a daily basis. There are subtle chord variations that keep the music interesting and exciting.

“How to Add Pizazz to Chord Progressions” addresses this frustration by showing you these additional chord variations and how to use them. What’s also cool about these progressions is that if you’re playing with another person or in a large group the other players can stay on one chord, if they are a beginner, while you play these variations. It all works together! If it doesn’t work together, your ears will notify you right away.

I will add an audio file to this asap so you can hear how these progressions sound.

Have fun!

Download: How to Add Pizazz