Transcription Fees

It is often difficult to determine the fee prior to beginning the actual job because of the many parameters involved. For example: A song can have only three chords and be three minutes long but contain lyrics that are mostly sung to 16th notes like that of an auctioneer. Sometimes the lyric does not work over the same rhythmic notation of the previous verses so it must be all written out again without the use of repeats thus taking more time.

There is a separate fee for transcribing the song, (which means assessing what the notes, rhythms and chords are) and actually inputting the transcription into the notation software. So, If you send me an mp3, not accompanied by any written music, I must first transcribe it by ear, then create the sheet music for it. However, if you give me a song already written out and you want it in a different key or other changes (new words, perhaps) then no transcription is required, only copying.

Once I hear the song and begin to work on it, I can then give you a fairly close estimate of how long it will take and what it will cost. I don’t charge for the first set of changes following the initial finished work.

It would take me approximately one hour to transcribe and notate a standard tune such as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” However, if the chords on your version are extremely altered and unusual, it could add another hour to the process.

Though I can work fast, I am meticulous and my charts are accurate. They will help you feel more confident, relaxed, and look more professional in the eyes of those you are working with.

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I look forward to working with you!



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